Upcoming Events

Virtual Events

Since our members live in many cities throughout the world, we offer the majority of our continuing education programs online through our scheduled webcasts.

We also hold conference calls with NIRI Virtual members and experts to discuss specific topics over the phone. We call these adhoc conference calls our Advocacy Update Calls and we occasionally hold calls on other topics as suggested by our members.

The great thing about virtual events is that you can participate wherever you are – even if you are travelling. No traffic, no stress, our members simply login to a live webcast or join a call to continue their education or ask for advice.

If the scheduled date and time doesn't work, NIRI Virtual members can view our Past Programs.

In-Person Events

While we are Virtual, sometimes we actually have events in-person in our local areas. We call the local events "Let’s Get Physical."

We also hold in-person events at the annual NIRI National Conference such as our "Pregame Tailgate Party" and our "Lounge Lizard Party."

Our Pregame Tailgate Party will be held on Sunday afternoon during the 2019 NIRI National Conference (June 2) for Virtual Chapter members and a guest. Catch up with our chapter members in person, meet the Virtual Chapter Board of Directors and share some of your NIRI Conference goals and tales from the trenches while enjoying beer, wine and nibbles in the President's Suite. 

We also have a long tradition of mixing and dancing at our Lounge Lizard Party which is always on the Sunday evening of the NIRI National conference. NIRI Conference guests are welcome to join the party, have a beverage and meet other members. As a thank you for your interest in our website, here's a tip – find Bernadette at the Lounge Lizard Party to ask for a ticket while supplies last.

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